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4th Annual Youth Tarbiyyah Conference taking place on 27th December 2014 inshaAllah.

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Alim Course for Brothers 2015/16

Enrolment Date: Sunday 16th August (1:30PM)
Start Date: Monday 17th August
Class Timings: 17:45 - 20:45
Enrolment Fee: £50
Annual Fee: £700 (£50 Discount if paid in full upfront)

447-451 Romford Road,
Forest Gate,
E7 8AB


Designed to cover the fundamental sciences required to attain a deep understanding of the Quran and Hadith, the Aalimiyyah class follows a traditional teaching method. Rich in its content, with various kitabs both in English and Arabic, the course gives students the chance to attain a deep understanding of Fiqh, the principles behind Islamic legislation, Ahaadeeth and the Holy Quran. This course is for those students who will be dedicated to learning, have respect for the kitabs and the teachers, and are willing to commit to seven years of study. Though the workload in the class is intense, an accomplished student will be able to succeed by being attentive during class and following the advice given to them by their teachers.

The course consists of seven years, with emphasis given to learning Arabic syntax (Nahw) and Morphology (Sarf) in particular in the first two years. Taught in the English medium by ulamah who have graduated from various darul ulooms (including Bury, Dewsbury, Blackburn and India), the course is intensive in its content, and requires motivation and a keen zeal for knowledge.

Running on weekdays between 5.45 and 8.45, the Aalimiyyah course allows students over the age of 14 to undertake Islamic studies along with their secular education. This is a unique opportunity for those who wish to combine further Islamic studies along with their daily jobs or other commitments.

The course itself comprises seven years. The kitabs studied are mainly in Arabic, with explanation given in English.

In the first year, students build up their knowledge of Arabic grammar by studying the following books:
· Taudheeh un Nahw (English)
· Imdad us Sarf Part 1 (English)
· Behishti Zewar
· Qasas un Nabiyyeen (Arabic)
· Duroos ul Lughah (Arabic
· Tajweed

The second year is a more detailed study of Arabic grammar with emphasis placed on reading Arabic texts correctly. Students also begin to memorise Ahaadeeth compiled in the kitab Zaad u Taalibeen by Hadhrat Moulana Ashiq Elah Bulandshehri. Fiqh is also taught in detail. The kitabs studied include:
· Hidayat un Nahw (Arabic)
· Qasas un Nabiyyeen (3&4)
· Provisions for the Seekers (Hadith)
· Fiqh ul Muyassar
· Noor ul Idhaah
· Duroos ul Lughah (3)

After completing the first two years, students should have developed the ability to read Arabic correctly, and begin to understand the texts. Arabic grammar is not studied after the first two years, with emphasis given on studying Ahaadeeth, the principles of Ahaadeeth, and learning the translation of the Quran with tafsir. In years three, four and five, students study the translation of the Quran with tafsir. They also study Hidayah, the in depth kitab regarding the principles of Fiqh, Riyadh us Saaliheen and various other kitabs to develop knowledge of the sciences of Fiqh, Ahaadeeth and tafseer. The major books of Ahaadeeth, including the Sihah Sitta (six major books) are studied in years six and seven.

This Aalimiyyah course is a brilliant opportunity for individuals to begin to gain an understanding behind the sciences of Quran, Hadith and Fiqh.

Additional notes
The £50 enrolment fee is only paid once at the beginning of the 7 years. Thereafter the fees are £700 each year collected in 4 instalments at specific dates throughout the year. Students also have the option to pay the full amount during the first week of class and qualify for a £50 discount.

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