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4th Annual Youth Tarbiyyah Conference taking place on 27th December 2014 inshaAllah.

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3rd Youth Tarbiyyah Conference: O’ Muslims! Be Muslims!

Main Program Brothers & Sisters:
Date: Saturday 14th December 2013
Time: 14:45 – 21:45

Venue For Both Days:
London Muslim Centre
46-92 Whitechapel Road
London E1 1JQ

Sisters Only Program:
Date: Sunday 15th December 2013
Time: 10:00 – 16:00


Alhamdulillah, after the success of our conferences in our previous 2 years, we are pleased to announce our 3rd Youth Tarbiyyah Conference: O’ Muslims! Be Muslims!

Here is the line up we have for you this year:

Day 1, Brothers & Sisters:

Shaykh Abdul Majid (Crawley)
Ummah United

Shaykh Rafiq Sufi (Darul Uloom Blackburn)
The Power of Du’a

Shaykh Hasan Ali (Safar Academy)
It’s About Time…

Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf (Zam Zam Academy)

Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam (Darul Iftaa)
Practical Solutions to Lustful Advances

Day 2, Sisters Only:

Shaykhul Hadith Maulana Abdur Raheem Limbada (Darul Uloom Bury)
40 Hadith on Marriage

Ustadha Ridhwana bint Nasir (UWT)
The Ummah & Our Responsibilities

Ustadha bint Abdus Sabur (Hikmah)
The Value of a Muslimah

Other Speakers

Travel arrangements are being made for those brothers coming from out of London

Please contact the relevant brothers

Birmingham Area:
Kasad Ali – 07790437525

Manchester Area:
Habeebullah – 07546319084

If you are coming from out of London and are coming as a group, arranging transport or would like to arrange something, please contact us:

This page will constantly be updated till the day of the Conference

7 Responses to “3rd Youth Tarbiyyah Conference: O’ Muslims! Be Muslims!”

  1. Habeebullah says:

    If you don’t receive an email after booking your place, make sure you check your JUNK/SPAM folders, it can take a few minutes for the confirmation email to come through. Also, if you don’t confirm your place through the email you receive, then your place will NOT be secured. Basically, make sure you receive your reservation number via email.

    Please tell your friends and family about this great event and help us make it a success InshaAllah.

  2. Mahbub chowdhury says:

    We need to join on saterday. Please confirm us

  3. Ishaq says:

    Asalaamualaykum brother, I wanted to know whether the event would be properly segregated. Jazakallah Khair

  4. Safiya Khatun says:

    Sister is this event for youths like for teenagers to attend, can Adults over 30 attend this conferance.

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