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3rd Annual Youth Tarbiyyah Conference taking place on 14th & 15th December 2013 inshaAllah.

Confirmed Speakers:
Shaykh Hasan Ali
Shaykh Rafiq Sufi
Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam
Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf
Shaykh Abdur Raheem
Ustadha bint Abdus Sabur
Ustadha Ridhwaana bint Nasir
& more inshaAllah

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2nd Youth Tarbiyyah Conference: O’ Muslims! Be Muslims!

Date: Saturday 21st April 2012
Time: 13:30 (After Dhuhr Salah)
Price: Free

London Muslim Centre
46-92 Whitechapel Road
E1 1JX


Alhamdulillah, all the videos from the this Conference have been uploaded. To gain exclusive access to the recordings in full HD, please register by clicking the button below:

A big JazakAllah to all those that attended, volunteered, donated or helped out in any other way towards this conference. We would like to call out to everyone for one last time. We need your sincere feedback of the conference. This will enable us to get a better understanding as to how we can make improvements for next time inshaAllah. Just fill in the form below. None of the questions are mandatory.

What is your gender?

What is your age?

How did you find out about the conference? [Tick all that apply]
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Additional Comments:

What did you think about the length of the conference?
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Additional Comments:

How was the venue?
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Additional Comments:

How was the food?
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Additional Comments:

Were the volunteers helpful?
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Additional Comments:

How was the host?
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How was the fundraiser?
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How was the audio/video setup?
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Additional Comments:

Comment on the choice of speakers

Who would you like to see next year?

What did you like most about the conference?

What aspects did you dislike about the conference?

Any other comments?

Alhamdulillah, after the great success of our Youth Tarbiyyah Conference last June, we are pleased to announce our 2nd Annual Youth Tarbiyyah Conference: O’ Muslims! Be Muslims!
Once again we have a great line up for you this year. We have read all the feedback we got from you and have tried to take it all on board. Especially for sisters, we have invited a well-renowned ‘Aalimah to deliver a sisters-only talk about ‘The Challenges of the 21st Century’. Brothers need not worry, as we will be having something especially for brothers as well. The event is free once again but does require registration, but don’t worry it won’t take longer than a minute.

Here is the line up we have for you this year:

Special Guest: Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib (Jame’ah Leicester)

Shaykh Rafiq Sufi (Darul Uloom Blackburn)
Which Path Will You Choose?

Shaykh Hasan Ali (Safar Academy)
How to Pass Your Exam Successfully

Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf (Zam Zam Academy)
The Essence of Worship

Shaykh Zahir Mahmood (As-Suffa Institute)
The Mercy of Allah

Sisters Only: Ustadha Bint Ahmad (Al Muhsinaat Institute)
Challenges of the 21st Century

Brothers Only: Surprise Guest

65 Responses to “2nd Youth Tarbiyyah Conference: O’ Muslims! Be Muslims!”

  1. jamillah says:

    are sisters allowed to come to this event

  2. Taslima says:

    Salam, how long is the Tarbiyyah Conference? I got a class until 4pm so can attend it straight after, will I be able to book and attend after 4pm?

  3. zain amin says:

    Is there parking nearby the masjid ?

    • Hikmah says:

      Wa alaikum salam. All the roads around the venue will be available to park on the day. However they will get full up very quick. So the later you come the further away you will end up parking

  4. haleena says:

    If my family wanted to come would each person need to register?

    oh and can I cancel my booking, say within a week’s notice?

    • Hikmah says:

      yes each person would need to register individually to get their own booking id. It takes less than a minute. You can even use the same email address. To cancel please let us know asap so we can free up the space for someone else

  5. loyan says:

    do you have to memorize the booking id or do you have to bring it printed out ?


  6. A Sister says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    I tried registering but the email didn’t go through, it says the users mailbox is full. Once this has been resolved please notify us so we can register for the event.


    • Hikmah says:

      Wa ‘alaikum salam. Everything seems fine from our side. Other people have been registering and we have also tested it. Try deleting some of your emails from your inbox and try again. Please let us know if you still have issues.

  7. zain amin says:

    Will there be video projection for sisters, like last year ?

  8. Zoheb says:

    Salaam, will the event take place inside the mosque or the centre behind it? I’m not too familiar with the area

  9. S says:

    The sisters only part, what time does that part begin? And is that the same time as the brothers only part?

    • Hikmah says:

      Ws wr wb. Yes it will take place same time as brothers only. We cannot say exact time but roughly 4/5 oclock

  10. M Aziz says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum
    Is this event going to be streamed live on web so people from further a field can benefit. Also smaller Masjid’s will be able to play this live if its streamed.

  11. Sakhina Akther says:


    Can we bring our children with us for the sister’s programme?

    And, will there be any creche facility?


    Sis Sakhina.

    • Hikmah says:

      wa alaikum salam. There will be no creche facility. Sisters are advised not to bring small children due to complaints received in the past of children disturbing others and sisters not being able to control them. If you do bring children and they make noise, we will ask you to leave.

  12. Zoheb says:

    Salaam could you walk in and out at any time? I finish work around 6 that’s why

    • Hikmah says:

      wsalam. You can come late if you have to but aslong as you have registered and you may leave early if you have to aswell. But we wont allow people continuously coming and going otherwise there will be too much disturbance.

  13. Muntasir says:

    Salaam, will the conference talks be uploaded to the youtube channel afterwards for those who are unable to attend?

  14. moinul says:

    Asalamu’Alaikum, what time will shaykh hasan ali start talking?

  15. Akbar says:

    Will there be seat numbers or…?

  16. shumi says:

    salam, when does the talk finish?

  17. Muhammad Nazeer says:

    Salaam. Will there be refreshments/food served etc? Also will there be breaks etc?

    • Hikmah says:

      Wsalam. There will be food/refreshment sold at a reasonable price. There will be a lunch break at about 4pm. Then a break for Asr and a break for Maghrib.

  18. Aysh says:

    Salaam, was wondering where exactly the sisters will be located?

  19. Muhammed bari says:


    how do I register?

  20. Arman says:

    Would i he able to leave the talks before it ends or do i have to stay till 9 45

  21. Hussain muhit says:

    Salaam, I wish to be registered for this please. Please can you confirm I have a place booked.

  22. luqman says:

    salaam u register by clicking on ‘register now’ that ison this page. u just have to scroll up

  23. Luqman naukhez says:

    Wil it be seated on chairs or on the floor?

  24. sharuf says:

    may allah bless u bro’s 4 organisng dis.i was wondering when you bruvvers upload sheikh hasan ali’s video on utube can you make the title very broad so the non-believers can come across as i think they can benefit from the talk aswell. may allah bless you bro’s.

  25. Umm 'Abdullah says:


    MaashaAllah TabarkAllah it was a truly fantastic conference. Very well organised and structured. As usual the speakers were brilliant maashaAllah and their sincere words still reverberate after yesterday. May Allah reward the brothers and sisters who helped organised this and recompense you fully on yawmul qiyaamah! And May Allah bestow His infinite Mercy and Blessings on our shuykh- Ameen.

  26. Abdus sami says:

    Mashallah a great line up and great organisation

  27. MNH says:

    It wud be great if u cud get Shaykh Mumtaz ul Haq in the next one as your surprise guest. Also Shaykh Abdur Raheem and Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam and Shaykh Ahmed Ali etc

  28. Muslimm says:

    Alhamdulillah it was amazing!
    Disappointed that Muhammad Abdul jabbar was there for only 20 minutes but other than that there were no problems at all!

  29. Muslimah says:

    The event was very good,

    for next time, Moulana Saleem Nawab should be a speaker

  30. Khizr says:


  31. khizr says:

    is there an email that i can email Shaykh Zahir Mahmood can u email it to me please

  32. Adil Patel says:

    Salaam, when will the talks be uploaded?

    • Hikmah says:

      wsalam. If you have registered, you will receive an email tonight inshaAllah

      • Adil Patel says:

        Jazak Allah khair…may Allah SWT reward you guys immensely in this world and the next. Ameen
        and id just like to ask…are you guys going to organise another conference, like a ramadhan one…like last year?

  33. loyan says:

    salam, what time is the releasing?

  34. Nadeem says:

    Is there an email that i can email Shaykh hasan ali.

  35. Mudassir Sharieff says:

    Assalam alaikum Brother Sheaik Hasan Ali, Masha AllahI saw your two videos on youtube and one regarding deobandis and barelwis, I dont call myself as barelw rather i will call myself as Sunni Muslim, I like this video bro, I really appreciate your talk and I am with you and this is an motivation to me to be a Muslim first then follow my way of Imam. May Allah Bless you and give you more hidden knowledge.

  36. nurulaine says:

    very good agenda subhanallah

  37. nurulaine says:


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