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4th Annual Youth Tarbiyyah Conference taking place on 27th December 2014 inshaAllah.

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The Bridge: Sharper than a sword, thinner than hair

5 Responses to “The Bridge: Sharper than a sword, thinner than hair”

  1. anonymous says:

    Subhanallah, Allah has used this talk to wake me up. Inshallah Allah blesses this shiek and I so dua that Allah gives maximum bernerfit to all viewers.

  2. Abdul Jabbar says:

    Good speech

  3. Muhammad Ismail Husain says:

    Heart trembling reminder. Allahu akbar! May Allah accept every single dua this scholar made during this bayan. Ameen ameen thumma ameen.

  4. Mansoor says:

    Salaam, does anyone know if the episode that follows this has been processed or yet to be?

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