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4th Annual Youth Tarbiyyah Conference taking place on 27th December 2014 inshaAllah.

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The Temptations of the Dunya


13 Responses to “The Temptations of the Dunya”

  1. Mohammed Zahir says:

    Another great reminder by a great shaykh..Jazakum’Allah Khair :)

  2. Bibi says:

    Subhanallah another greta talk and reminder of why we are all here and our test and where we are going to end up. Is this the full talk as it seems to have been cut in some places?

  3. Hibaq says:

    Masha Allah may Allah swt reward you jannat alfardous,indeed a great speach…..

  4. Idris says:

    Alhumdulliah, touched my heart and gave me something to really think about myself!!!

  5. Basit says:

    All praises to Allah.
    Excellent speech may Allah reward you.

  6. Muhammad al musafir says:

    May Allah bless shaykh in this dunya and the Akhira!

  7. Ramiz Mohamed says:

    Aslaam Alakioum from America

    May Allah bless our blessed shaykh Hasan Ali
    and may Allah increase our knowledge

    I’m planning to visit my fam in Birmnigham U.K, and i’d like to visit Shaykh Hasan, and know he’s in London, can anyone give me the masjid adress please?

    Jazakum Allah Khaire

  8. habib says:

    marshallah good speech

  9. habib says:

    shaykh hassan ali is in north london maybe i could help email

  10. zahoor-ul-hassan says:

    O Allah please give Sheikh Hassan a long life

    and please strengnthen this website more so that we may get guidance


    super bayan

  11. Mursalin Hussain says:

    Subhanallah this was a great benfit and a good talk
    Jazakamullah Khair

  12. Ruhul Amin says:

    absolutely fine. Jajhakallah khair.

  13. muhammed yusuf says:


    I am 10 years old and just watched this with my mum. I learned something new about the material and spiritual body. It was a good enjoyable talk and educational.

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