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4th Annual Youth Tarbiyyah Conference taking place on 27th December 2014 inshaAllah.

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The World of the Unseen

14 Responses to “The World of the Unseen”

  1. abdul azeez ul haqq says:

    alhamdullilah. mash’allah to the brotehers who are striving for the very ummah of our beloved rasool sallal lahu wala alihi wassallam. may allah aza wajjal accept your efforts.

  2. Hassan Muhit says:

    please provide a download link…

  3. Anneisha says:

    May Allah richly reward this brother , his family and his progeny until Day of Qiyammah Ameen. A lot of effort must have gone into his research into this topic as this information is quite difficult to come by. Very enlightening. Alhamdulillah

  4. Abdus sami says:

    What can we do to get a stronger belief in Allah

  5. fatima says:

    salaamz…. may allah reward him in all his efforts… it would be great if he can do a topic on hijab as many sisters find this difficult and he is great at making people understand… jzk

    • mohammed says:

      asalamulaykum, i agree with sister fatima, please do an in-depth lecture about Hijaab and how islamic women should cover up etc.. It is very important in todays day and age because alot of sisters unfortunately do not have the knowledge or are very ignorant

  6. raja says:

    very true but in western society we see much weakness against these things

  7. Sham says:

    Please advise where i can get the audio files…

    Jazak Allah Khayr

  8. Ishfaq Ahmad says:

    can any one let me know if there are any lectures by sheikh or any other Hanfi/salfi/sufi/Deobandi Sholar on Aqaid of Neo-salfis and Neo-sufis; Neo-salfis vs. Neo-sufis; and Hanfi/salfi/sufi/Deobandi vs. Neo-salfis and Neo-sufis in english …………

  9. Khan says:

    Subhanallah another amazing talk from this shaykh may Allah reward him immensely and his family.i always learn so much from this shaykh.another must watch video is called easy steps to jannah it’s on YouTube and its by this same shaykh and subhanallah it’s amazing

  10. Muhammad says:

    great talk!!!
    Plz provide a download link! PLZ..

  11. Naeem says:

    may Allah guide us to The Truth

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